Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last- Minute Shopping Rush On Christmas Eve

. Thursday, December 24, 2009

By Jessica Gellert

With Christmas few hours away, last minute shoppers rushed the malls to bring Christmas cheer on time.

Jessica Gellert spoke with those searching for the perfect gift, on a deadline.

Ala Moana Shopping Center was filled with last minute shoppers on Christmas eve.

Some came with a game plan.

"We know all the stores we are going to shop so we are going to hit those stores,get in and get out," said Kapolei resident Gabriel Nojader.

While others didn't.

"Nope, never have a plan, just last minute, kind of wing it and it always seems to work out pretty good," laughed Haleiwa resident, Dominic Sellers.

Christmas Eve was Dominic's first and last day of holiday shopping.

"We're done, took me exactly about 45 minutes," said Sellers.

"I got the last of everything that was available, ha ha ha I did pretty good, I'm pretty happy, stoked," said Sellers.

And he's had a lot of practice! He said he always waits until the day before Christmas to go shopping.

"i'm pretty much a wait until the last minute kind of guy, typical guy," he laughed.

Typical guy may be right.

He wasn't the only last-minute male shopper I found.

"Shopping, shopping, trying to get those last christmas gifts in," said Kaimuki resident, Shawn Matsumoto.

"I got about 2-3 more gifts to get as usual, kind of waiting until the last second," said Matsumoto.

While the procrastinators hustle with their last minute Christmas shopping, business are breaking out the bargains, hoping to lure people in.

The national retail federation predicts shoppers will spend less this year than they did last Christmas.

That's why retailers want people to spend, spend, spend, up to the last minute.

Though many didn't forget the true meaning of Christmas.

"Coming to the mall you get to kind of just get into the whole christmas spirit and and everything and that kind of makes shopping a lot more fun, the sense of giving," said Matsumoto.

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